Payment and insurance

Payment is expected at the time of your appointment or on collection of your pet following an operation. We accept cash, cheques (supported by a valid bankers card), Switch, and most major credit cards. Credit is not available. If you have any queries, please contact a practice administrator before making an appointment. We do not wish either our clients or our reception staff to be embarrassed when a request for credit is refused.

All private practices depend on the fees paid by their clients which must be set at a reasonable level to maintain a good level of medical and surgical facilities. We try to keep our charges as affordable as possible.


If you are worried about the fees for a course of treatment, we are always willing to advise on the likely costs beforehand. We use standardised 'Estimate forms' which your vet will produce for you if you wish.

Case Evaluation Forms

We aim to involve you in your vet's assessment of the case. The diagnosis and options for treatment with relative prognoses and likely costs will be discussed with you at the start of and during the course of any prolonged treatment. An estimate of the cost will be incorporated into the form which you will be asked to sign consenting to the agreed treatment for your pet. You will be advised if any significant increase is anticipated at any stage so that your consent to the increase can be obtained.

Pet Insurance

Is your pet insured? No? Then why not ask at the reception desk for more information on insuring your pet, how much it is likely to cost, who to insure with, and the benefits it could bring should your pet fall sick and require extensive treatment. Remember, for a small monthly cost you can insure pets against the cost of a prolonged course of treatment for any unexpected illness or accident, or even death.

Responsibility for the care of animals.

‘A good man cares for his animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel’. Proverbs 12, 10.

We humans are responsible for the care of our animals. In the widest sense that means looking after our environment and the habitats that wild animals and plants live in. In the closest sense that means looking after the animals we have direct interaction with in our own homes, and caring for the environment in which they live.

We have choices. We could spend our money on the latest computer, mobile phone, TV, holiday, toys for the children, etc. If we choose to own a pet, then that choice carries a responsibility for caring for him/her. That means we need to make provision for the feeding and daily exercise, warmth and comfort, and some realistic protection from danger, and also protection from illness by vaccination and making some provision in case our pet has an accident or becomes ill.

We at Astonlee help clients of many different backgrounds and circumstances to provide the best they can for their pets in veterinary healthcare, but pet owners do have to make their own choices about what care they are providing. We do want the best care for all animals, but we are a business and we have to pay our bills. We are not a charity.

Responsible Pet Ownership Opportunities for pet owners to ensure their pets can receive the veterinary care when they need it Opportunities for low income families to be responsible for their pets Unemployed, uninsured, in debt
Pet Insurance Astonlee Veterinary Hospital is accredited to the highest standard of general practice recognised by the RCVS. Astonlee values are : professional, ethical, value for money (24hrs) This is available to all: choices with a wide range of price and benefits. Chosen not to insure.
Astonlee Plan This is available to all. From £1.25 to £5 per week. Yes this is available to all. Low cost plans available. Chosen not to take up the Astonlee Plan. Cannot afford £1.25 per week.
Personal savings Some clients prefer to save for their pet’s vet bills A possibility? None
Bank loans, remortgages Some clients consider this Some clients consider this No more loans available
PDSA Pet Aid scheme at Astonlee Housing or council tax benefit and live in MK1-MK16 If you are eligible, you must register on the PDSA scheme at Astonlee BEFORE your pet needs the vet
Euthanasia chosen rather than diagnosis and treatment