COVID-19 Update October 2020

Dear clients, based on the recent British Veterinary Association guidelines, we have now updated our protocol. To see the full information please view them HERE. The main points to take note of are as follows:

- As of 08/08/2020 it is mandatory as stated by the UK Government for all members of the public to wear a facemask in veterinary settings, unless unable to.

- We are temporarily altering our protocols in view of the rise in number of COVID cases in the community and for a period of 2 weeks from Monday 12th October to Monday 26th October 2020 we are not allowing clients into the building. 

- During this period, we are reconsidering our protocols to add extra provisions to our COVID security to be able to operate our caring services in as safe a way as possible. Further announcements will be made once we have worked through these important steps.

- Please do not enter the practice building if you have had COVID symptoms of a new persistent cough, a temperature or loss of taste or smell or have had a COVID test in the past 7 days and have either tested positive or are waiting for the results.

We are currently open 8am-7pm Monday to Friday and Saturdays 9am - 2pm. We are maintaining our24/7 emergency services as we have done throughout the pandemic.

Our Customer Reviews

Should you wish to make a complaint of any sort, we ask that you submit it through the complaints procedure here (page 5) so we can deal with it thoroughly and properly.