COVID-19 Update 14/04/2020

Dear clients, based on the recent British Veterinary Association guidelines, we have now updated our protocol. To see the full information please view them HERE. The main points to take note of are as follows:

Vaccinations: We are now recommending that primary vaccinations and year 1 boosters in dogs and cats go ahead due to the increased risk of disease outbreak over a longer period of time. Annual leptospirosis vaccinations should also be carried out in dogs due to the zoonotic risk (this can cause illness in humans) . If an additional component of the core vaccine is due at the same time, it should also be administered.   

In addition, we’re recommending rabbit vaccinations go ahead due to the seasonal disease risks.

Rabies vaccinations should be carried out if required for certification reasons.

We will be emailing or texting clients who have pets due for vaccination but please contact us if you  are anxious and need our help and advice on your pet’s situation. 

Neutering: We are recommending that our vets assess the domestic situation in each case. Where neutering is considered essential in the next two months, chemical options should first be considered, if appropriate. Surgical neutering, ideally using special  anaesthetic protocols, should be carried out only in situations where essential for animal health and welfare or population control during the time period. For example, neutering in cats should be considered if they cannot be kept indoors or if they are in mixed sex pairings/groupings, for population control. We are recommending rabbit neutering for population control and preventing aggression, as they should be kept in social groups.

Microchipping: We are recommending microchipping can be undertaken if the animal is already in the practice for an essential service.

Flea and worm treatments: We are recommending treatments are dispensed in accordance with local disease risks and public health concerns.

Prudent use of oxygen: We are carrying out procedures that require sedation or anaesthesia where there is a welfare justification in the next two months.  This means if your pet has a problem where for example a surgical procedure is required; eg: for a bad tooth which is getting worse and preventing your pet from eating, or a lump that is or is likely to cause a problem in the next 2 months, we will aim to carry out the procedure within the COVID19 guidelines.

We're currently open 8-4 pm but no clients can come in the building. Please phone us before you arrive and wait outside and the vet will come to you. This is to reduce contact with our remaining staff as much as possible. Due to reduced staff, there may be longer waiting times. We are available for emergencies outside of these hours as normal.

We will be monitoring the situation and updating our website regularly. As ever, please call us in the first instance with any queries.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding in our efforts to keep your families safe.


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