COVID-19 Update 08/08/2020

Dear clients, based on the recent British Veterinary Association guidelines, we have now updated our protocol. To see the full information please view them HERE. The main points to take note of are as follows:

As of 08/08/2020 it is mandatory as stated by the UK Governmenent for all members of the public to wear a facemask in veterinary settings, unless unable to.

We will be emailing or texting clients who have pets due for vaccination but please contact us if you are anxious and need our help and advice on your pet’s situation. 

Neutering: We are recommending that our vets assess the domestic situation in each case. Surgical neutering, ideally using special anaesthetic protocols, can be carried out now we are getting back to a ‘new normal’ way of working in the present situation which is still with social distance and other measures in place.  

Microchipping: We are recommending microchipping can be undertaken if the animal is already in the practice for an essential service.

Flea and worm treatments: Our new home delivery service for clients who choose this option in our Pet Care Monthly scheme has proved to be popular for the convenience and is very inexpensive.  We are recommending treatments are dispensed in accordance with local disease risks and public health concerns.

We're currently open 8am-7pm Monday to Friday and maintain our 24/7 emergency services as we have done throughout the pandemic. Clients will be able to come in the building in closely guided and monitored ways so please check when booking appointments with reception and observe our instructions and guidance if you are inside the building.

Please phone us when you arrive and wait outside, and the vet will come to you. During July there are likely to be changes to the ways we work with you as government guidelines are expected to relax, but still needing to work as safely as possible.

 There may be longer waiting times as things will still take longer to do. 

We will be monitoring the situation and updating our website regularly. As ever, please call us in the first instanc with any queries.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding in our efforts to keep your families safe.


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Should you wish to make a complaint of any sort, we ask that you submit it through the complaints procedure here (page 5) so we can deal with it thoroughly and properly.