Pdsa pet aid

PDSA PetAid scheme is now closed to new registrants from October 2017.

Limited help is available to existing pets already registered on the scheme.

Please don't leave it too late before you make arrangements to pay for your pet's treatment. The Astonlee Plan for accident and illness cover has been running for over 15 years and provides a good and low cost method of paying for your pet's treatment, or you can look at Pet Insurance.

Telephone our reception on 01908 611637 so we can help you.

Between 5 and 10 people come to us every day having previously registered on the PDSA scheme, and they received help.

On the other hand about 10 people telephone us every day asking for help when they have no money and have not registered either with Astonlee or with the PDSA Pet Aid scheme at Astonlee. We want to reduce that number of people by encouraging you to register when your pet is healthy so we can help you when your pet needs us.