We strongly recommend insurance for all your pets to assist with any treatment they may require in their lifetimes.

Considerations when choosing your insurance plan:

By choosing a 'covered for life' plan, you are ensuring ongoing conditions such as diabetes, renal disease, heart disease and so forth, will be covered for their entire life.

Please be aware that some plans place a limit on how much can be spent on each condition and this may impact what treatment you can afford in the future, so please research your insurance plans carefully.

Some insurance companies will pay your vets directly, meaning you are only required to pay the excess. Others require you to pay your vet in full and then claim back the balance from them at a later date. This may not be feasible for some people so you should investigate this when taking out a policy.

Astonlee Premium Plan

As an alternative, Astonlee have our own plans to help you with the cost of treatments. By enroling on the plan and paying the monthly fee, you can receive worry-free treatment at our hospital.

When you enrole on the plan, you are committing to twelve monthly payments by direct debit on the third day of each month. Your pet must be over the age of 6 weeks and under 10 years when you first enrole.

The Premium Plan enables your pet to receive up to £2000 of treatment for any one condition and all you will pay is the first £75 at the start of the treatment. Treatment for existing conditions is not included. This payment plan does not include the cost of referral to specialist centres.

Monthly Payments

  • Cats- £14.50
  • Small dogs up to 10kg- £18.50
  • Medium dogs 10-20kg- £21.00
  • Large dogs 20-30kg- £25.00
  • Very large dogs 30-40kg- £32.00
  • Giant dogs 40kg+ - £40.00

Dogs over the age of 8 years and cats over the age of 10 years will pay an additional £10 and £8 per month respectively.

The following are not covered under the terms of the plan- whelping/kittening, prescription diets, indivudual cremation, dentistry, pre-existing conditions, out of hour charges, visit charges, work carried out outside of Astonlee Hospital.