Client educational talks

Client Educational Talks FREE

We are pleased to offer an exciting educational program for our clients, especially those new to pet ownership or those wanting to update their knowledge. Included is an optional tour of the practice facilities.

Talks are available in rotation, The talks are held in the evenings in our conference room on the first floor. We occasionally have talks in which we hire a local venue for the speaker. |If there are any particular topics you would like to know more about, please let us know. Please do not bring your pets to these talks.

A schedule of talks can be obtained, or a place booked, by contacting our Reception staff on 01908 611637.

Talks include:

  • Cat Chat: Kittens
  • Cat Chat: Adult cats
  • Cat Chat: Senior cats
  • Dog Details: Senior Dogs
  • Bunny Banter: Complete Rabbit care

Cat Chat Kittens
Everything you need to know about kitten care, including parasites, nutrition, grooming and dental care.

Cat Chat Adult cats
Find out about routine care of the adult cat, including worming, nutrition, hairballs and dental care. Learn about Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease, Diabetes and weight control.

Cat Chat Senior cats
This talk is aimed at owners of cats that are aged seven years or over. Find out about the changing dietary needs of the older cat, and common conditions such as kidney disease and hyperthyroidism, which affect our older cats. Learn how to help your senior cat get the most of its golden years.

Dog Details
This talk is aimed at everyone who owns a dog aged seven years or over (5 years or over for giant breeds e.g. St Bernard, Great Dane, English Mastiff). Learn about the changing dietary needs of the older dog and common conditions that affect our older dogs such as arthritis and heart disease. Find out how to monitor exercise and weight control to help your senior dog get the most out of the golden years.

Bunny Banter
Everything you need to know about keeping rabbits, including nutrition, housing and vaccination. Learn about common conditions that affect our rabbits such as Flystrike and dental disease.