Cat Friendly Clinic

Cat Friendly Gold Award

Did you know we have a Gold Status Cat Friendly award? 

We are committed to putting the needs of your feline at the top of our priorities. From the moment you enter our practice with your cat, we endevour to make their experience as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

Some of the features of the practice that ensure we can do this include:

  • A separate waiting area from any canine visitors
  • Cat friendly consult rooms with high shelves to hide away
  • Up to date training on feline behaviour and handling techniques
  • Specific cat friendly ward - away from noisy dogs - with space for them to hide away
  • Specialised equipment such as quiet fur clippers and V-gels (supraglottic airway device that prevent damage to their delicate airways during surgery)
  • Feliway products used widely throughout the practice

For further information on what it takes to become a cat friendly clinic, please visit

Pet Care Monthly

Our Pet Care Monthly scheme allows you to save 40% on your essential healthcare package!

Divided into affordable monthly payments of £13.50 per month, you will receive:

  • Yearly Booster vaccination
  • 12 months of flea treatment
  • Round and tapeworm treatment
  • Mite treatment
  • 6 month healthcheck
  • Nutritional advice
  • Claw clips
  • Routine anal gland check if done within the 6 month Health Check

Cat Vaccinations

All cats should be vaccinated to protect them against cat flu and feline enteritis. Both are life threatening diseases and cat flu is very common.

Cats that go outdoors or have contact with other cats should also be vaccinated against feline leukaemia virus. This is a fatal infection which is transmitted by contact with other cats or sharing of food bowls.

Vaccines are also available for chlamydia and bordatella. Both are respiratory infections which can be a problem for cats which stay in catteries regularly or live in multi cat households.

Kittens can be vaccinated from 9 weeks of age. A second dose is given 3 to 4 weeks later. An annual booster vaccination is needed to maintain the immunity.

Cat VaccinationsMonday Offer!

Get your annual booster vaccination for just £27.00 on a Monday only, between 11am and 4pm.

Wednesdays and Thursdays-

Receive £3 off your annual booster and healthcheck on both days, all day.

Kitten Pack

This includes everything you need for a new feline member of the family, for just £63

  • 1st and 2nd vaccination
  • Microchip
  • 4 weeks insurance with Petplan
  • A bag of Hills Kitten food
  • 1 months flea product

Kitten Pack Plus

Includes everything mentioned above, plus neuturing. Males £90, females £99.

Kitten Neutering

At Astonlee we offer a high quality neutering services, using the latest equipment and with our own staff providing 24 hour care before and after the procedure.

There are several medical benefits to neutering, including helping to prevent infections of the womb and tumours involving the mammary glands, testicles and prostate problems later in life. Neutering can also be beneficial in reducing unwanted behaviours such as roaming, unwanted spraying of urine and some aggression problems.

For more information on our neutering service here at Astonlee, please click here.


We strongly recommend insurance for all your pets to assist with any treatment they may require in their lifetimes.

By choosing a 'Covered for Life' plan, you are ensuring ongoing conditions such as diabetes, renal disease, heart disease, etc. will be covered for their entire life. Please be aware some plans place a limit on how much can be spent on each condition and this may impact what treatment you can afford in the future. So please research your insurance plans carefully.

Astonlee Premium Plan

As an alternative to regular insurance plans, Astonlee offer our own scheme, which can help you with treatment costs.

By enroling on the plan and paying the monthly fee, you can receive worry-free treatment at our hospital.

The Premium Plan covers up to £2000 of treatment costs. It carries an excess of £75 and costs £14.50-£32* per month.

*Depending on breed/size. Age supplements do apply.

For more information, visit: